Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and Its Unique Rock Formations in Main Waves Breaking Around Whaleback Lighthouse in Maine Storm Clouds Ober Nubble Lighthouse with Waves Crashing
Pomham Rocks Light in Providence, Rhode Island Storm Clouds Around Great Captain Island Light in Connecticut Large Wave Breaks by Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine
Sunlit Grindle Point Light on Islesboro Island in Maine Rare High Tides Cause Huge Waves to Break by Maine Lighthouse Little River Light in Northern Maine
Middleground (Stratford Shoal) After Storm Clears in Connecticut Moose Peak Lighthouse in Maine During Storm Black Rock Harbor Light in Bridgeport Connecticut
Derby Wharf Light in Salem Massachusetts Moose Peak lighthouse during storm in Maine Nash Island Lighthouse in the Fog in Maine
Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Acadia Park in Maine Nubble Light with Low Cloud Cover in Maine Penfield Reef Light as Storm Breaks in Connecticut
Middleground Light as Storm Clears in Connecticut Low Tide by Portland Light on a Stormy Day in Maine Sailboat Passes By Rose Island Light in the Fog in Rhode Island
Squirrel Point Lighthouse Over Kennebec River in Maine Waves Crashing Around Whaleback Lighthouse Tower in Maine Whitehead Lighthouse on Rocky Shoreline on a Cloudy Day in Maine
Maine's Nubble Lighthouse in snowstorm.   
Allan Wood Photography