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(Pond Island) Lighthouse

Narragaugus (Pond Island) lighthouse

Milbridge, Maine
Built in 1853



On Pond Island, near the entrance to Milbridge Harbor. Private residence.

Latitude: 44° 27' 19" N
Longitude: 67° 50' 00" W

Historic Stories:

Narragaugus (Pond island) Lighthouse was built in 1853 to accommodate the shipping traffic, of predominantly lumber, from the Narragaugus River into the harbor by Milbridge.

Joseph Brown served as the first keeper and was later replaced in 1855 by Wyman Collins.

Keeper’s had to walk a half-mile from shore to reach the lighthouse.

early image of Narragaugus lighthouse

Earliest Vintage Image Narragaugus Light
Courtesy US Coast Guard

Elizabeth Hitchcock was a local girl who loved to visit the Gott family at the lighthouse. One day, Elizabeth was visiting the keeper’s family as Keeper Gott went out fishing near the lighthouse. She happened to be looking out the window and spotted the lighthouse inspector’s boat approaching the island. Knowing the keeper was on the other side of the small island, she grabbed his uniform, and ran to where the keeper was fishing to inform him of the surprise inspection. Keeper Gott came out of the woods in his full uniform, just as the inspector landed on the island.

On August 4, 1929, when the Schooner Valdare shipwrecked on Petit Manan Bar nearby, the Keepers of Petit Manan lighthouse found the crew and officers had all safely made it to nearby Narragaugus Lighthouse in a rowboat where they were cared for by Keeper Charles Tracey for nearly two weeks to regain their strength.

early Narragaugus Lighthouse

Early Narragaugus Light
Courtesy US Coast Guard

Both Keeper Tracey and the Keepers at Petit Manan received a letter of thanks from the British Counsel after the crew had arrived safely back in Nova Scotia.



Foreign Female Ghost Protects the Lighthouse

The house has also been the scene of some paranormal activity. In the 1970s, two college boys, who were friends of the Dameron family living at the lighthouse, were spending the night in a downstairs bedroom to help with renovating the house that week. They were awakened by the voice of a woman speaking angrily in a foreign tone, and the only woman in the house was the owner Nancy Dameron, who only spoke English. The following night, one of the young men heard a loud noise next to him, as if a weight had fallen near his pillow, but could see nothing. Both boys got up and proclaimed that they were only there to help repair the house not to hurt it. During the rest of their stay at the property, the room remained quiet.



Places to Visit:

Milbridge offers 75 miles of coastline with spectacular views of the Narraguagus River and the Gulf of Maine.Milbridge's historical museum of local history provides insight to this town of shipbuilders. Take a picnic down to McClellan Park and enjoy the ocean views, or stroll along the river through Riverside Park or go fishing.

The Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Maine Coastal Islands National Refuge Complex is less than a half-hour from Milbridge, with its nesting area serving over 300 species of birds.

The lighthouse is a private residence and is not open to the public, but there are some boat tours that will pass by the beacon. Narragaugus light best viewed by boat

You can visit the Cross Island National Wildlife Refuge year round as long as you can gain access to a personal boat.

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission lists twenty-eight prehistoric archaeological sites along the Addison coastline. You may have an opportunity to visit some of these sites by getting their permission.



Local Boat Tours

Boat cruises mentioned below offer many types of cruises. They pass by Narragaugus Lighthouse during lighthouse cruises, as part of charters, narrated wildlife and historic tours, ferrying passengers, fishing tours and other types of excursions.


Robertson Sea Tours
Lighthouse cruises and nature trips along the shores of downeast Maine and Schoodic Peninsula area aboard a classic downeast lobster boat. Special lighthouse cruise covers Narraguagus (Pond Island) Light, Nash Island Light, and Petit Manan Light, along with natural wonders and hauling up a lobster trap.
Contact: Captain Jamie Robertson
Home Phone: (207) 483-6110 or Cell: (207) 461-7439


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