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New England Lighthouses

West Quoddy Head lighthouse in Maine

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Northern Maine

There are nearly 170 lighthouses in New England! Here you'll find a comprehensive resource for all you lighthouse hunters! There are driving directions to any coastal lighthouse in New England, boat cruises that may either offer tours to a particular lighthouse or group of lighthouses, or may pass close by enough so you can get photos. Land tours are also included. Come back often, as this is constantly updated.

Driving Directions to Lighthouses

Here’s a list of lighthouses by New England state that visitors can drive or hike to. Most of these are lighthouses you can get very close to, and some provide tours. Additional island lighthouses are provided that you will need a ferry to access, but once on a particular island you can drive or hike to these lights.



Boat Cruises to Lighthouses

Click on the state below for a comprehensive list of various boat tours and cruises that may offer specific lighthouse cruises, or pass closely by lighthouses as part of narrated wildlife and historic tours, whale watching, and other types of excursions. There is also information regarding ferries to island lighthouses.



Book: Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions in
Southern New England

My book, Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Southern New England: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, provides special human interest stories from each of the 92 lighthouses, along with plenty of indoor and outdoor coastal attractions and tours, with contact info to help with your vacation plans. You'll also find info on hanted lighthouses, whindjamming, sailing, and whale watching tours among other of events along the coast.

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book of lighthouses, tours, attractions, and contact information in southern New England



Book: Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions in
Northern New England

My 300-page book, Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Northern New England: New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, provides human interest stories from each of the 76 lighthouses in these northern states, along with plenty of coastal attractions and tours near each beacon, and contact info to plan your special vacation. You'll also find information on windjamming sailing on authentic schooners, whale watching tours, lighthouse tours, and events going on along the New England coast.

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book northern New England lighthouses, tours, attractions, with contact information




You can order any of these books through any pages on this website (see Add to Cart), and I'll be happy to personally sign them and ship them to you anywhere inside the United States. You can also order from the publisher, Schiffer Books, who can ship anywhere globally.




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