New England Lighthouses and
Local Coastal Attractions

Welcome to my New England lighthouses and attractions home page at! Dedicated to those who want to discover New England's lighthouses, and attractions within their surrounding coastal communities. I've had the opportunity to photograph and explore the areas of all the nearly 170 lighthouses in New England.

  • For the lighthouse hunters, you'll find directions, cruises, ferry info, and lighthouse boat tours to all New England lighthouses that you want to drive, hike, or take a boat to explore. You'll also find lots of info on various sailing cruises, and special windjammer sailing tours on authentic schooners that may pass by lighthouses.
  • The "Exploring Lighthouses" section provides historic stories of each New England lighthouse, within regions, including boat tours and cruises, places to visit in each area, directions, and more. Each lighthouse page has images where you can purchase prints or digital downloads.
  • In the beginning of each month I post a "Lighthouse Story" blog either about lighthouses, shipwrecks, rescues, heroes, or about haunted lighthouses.
  • I have three lighthouse books, and my newest book of stories of the world's largest sailing ships built in New England. You can see info below. Click the "Add to Cart" button and I'll be happy to sign it for you.   
  • I have various galleries on a fantastic new photo lab which you can check out when you select the "Lighthouse Galleries, Prints, and Framing" link above. There, you can select and purchase photo prints, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, and you can also choose to have your favorite image framed and wired, ready to hang. Very cool!

Make this your favorite guide to New England's lighthouses and local attractions.


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 Books to Explore

book of the rise and demise of the largest sailing ships

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The Rise and Demise of the Largest Sailing Ships: Stories of the Six and Seven-Masted Coal Schooners of New England

In the early 1900s, New England shipbuilders constructed the world’s largest sailing ships amid social and political reforms. These giants of sail were the ten original six-masted coal schooners and one colossal seven-masted vessel, built to carry massive quantities of coal and building supplies, and measured longer than a football field!

This book, balanced with plenty of color and vintage images, showcases the historical accounts that followed these mighty ships including their final voyages.




My book, Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Southern New England: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, provides lots of special human interest stories from each of the 92 lighthouses, along with plenty of additional indoor and outdoor coastal attractions and tours in the area, with contact info to plan your trip. You'll also find information about haunted lighthouses, local boat cruises and lighthouse tours, and windjamming tours.


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Book - Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Southern New England



My 300-page book (with over 360 images), Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Northern New England: New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, provides special human interest stories from each of the 76 lighthouses, along with plenty of indoor and outdoor coastal attractions you can explore, and tours. Lighthouses and their nearby attractions are divided into regions for all you weekly and weekend explorers. Attractions and tours also include whale watching tours, lighthouse tours, windjammer sailing tours and adventures, special parks and museums, and lighthouses you can stay overnight. There are also stories of haunted lighthouses in these regions.

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Book - Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Northern New England



New England Lighthouses: Famous Shipwrecks, Rescues & Other Tales

You'll find this book and others I've written from the publisher Schiffer Books, or in many fine bookstores like Barnes and Noble.

This book contains over 50 stories of famous shipwrecks and rescues around New England lighthouses, and also tales of hauntings that occurred. Along with my photos, you'll find vintage images provided by the Coast Guard and various organizations, and paintings by six famous artists of the Coast Guard. Enjoy!