Guide to Lighthouse Boat Tours,
Windjammers, and Ferry Services in Maine

Grindle Point lighthouse

Grindle Point Lighthouse

(Heading North)

Below is a list of boat tours and cruises that offer specific lighthouse cruises along Maine's coast from the Kittery border, through Portland and Casco Bay, the Boothbay region, Rockland, Camden, midcoast maine and its many islands along Penobscot Bay, through the Acadia region, and northward to downeast Maine. While some may offer specific lighthouse cruises, some will pass by lighthouses as part of charters, narrated wildlife and historic tours, while ferrying passengers, during whale watching adventures, windjamming sailing, fishing tours, and other types of excursions. For additional convenience, you'll also find ferry info that provides access to some of the islands you will find lighthouses stationed. Contact info is provided to help you plan your special trips to Maine's shorelines. Enjoy!

Southern Maine

Boothbay Region

Port Clyde and Monhegan Island

Rockland- Camden Region

Maine Islands and Penobscot Bay

Acadia and Downeast Maine



Boat Tours for Lighthouses
in Southern Maine

Lighthouses built along southern Maine's coastline helped to guide shipping traffic between Portsmouth and Portland harbors, and for the many lobstermen and fishermen earning their living coming into these coastal harbors. There are also treacherous ledges and shoals offshore that needed lighthouses and buoys placed on due to the many shipwrecks that occurred by these formations.

Whaleback lighthouse

Whaleback Light


Isles of Shoals Steamship Co.
Provides Portsmouth Harbor and Isles of Shoals tours in New Hampshire passing by Whaleback Lighthouse on the Maine side and Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse on the New Hampshire side while entering and leaving the harbor. They offer half and full day excursions out to the Isles of Shoals to explore Star Island with a nice view of White Island lighthouse nearby. In the fall they offer a fall foliage tour that goes out to Nubble light and out to Boon Island light. It is the largest vessel on the seacoast and offers dinner and nightlife cruises as well.

315 Market Street,
P.O. Box 311
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-5500
(800) 441-4620

Lighthouses: Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (NH), White Island Light (NH), Whaleback Lighthouse (ME), Boon Island Lighthouse (ME), Nubble Lighthouse (ME)



New England Eco Adventures
Check out these lighthouse and special tours on a fast, low to the water, Navy S.E.A.L Rigid Inflatable Boat (R.I.B) that glides over the water. They offer tours to Nubble (Cape Neddick) light, Goat Island (Cape Porpoise) light, Wood Island light, and out to Boon Island lighthouse, which is rarely visited on any other tours. They also offer a unique guided walk about tour on Goat Island lighthouse and grounds, a land/sea adventure cruise, a 1-hr speedy thrill ride along 20 miles of coastline, and a 3-hour sunset whale watching cruise, among other custom cruises.
8 Western Ave
Kennebunk, ME 04043
(207) 502-8040

Lighthouses: Cape Neddick Light, Boon Island Light, Goat Island Light, and Wood Island Light



Finest Kind Scenic Cruises
Provides scenic coastal and wildlife tours as part of their breakfast cruise. They also provide, sailing cruises on a traditional wooden loberstering vessel used over 100 years ago, and a lobstering trip where you can see lobster traps being hauled in as many lobstermen do every day. There is also a Nubble Lighthouse cruise that takes you around the lighthouse for some unique views, and up along the rocky coast.

P.O. Box 1828
Ogunquit, ME 03907
Phone: (207) 646-5227

Lighthouse: Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light



Friends Of Wood Island Lighthouse
The Friends of Wood island Lighthouse offer daily water shuttles to Wood Island during the summer months. Visitors can then take a narrated tour of Wood island Lighthouse and may also have a chance to climb the lighthouse tower for some great scenic views.

P.O. Box 26
Biddeford Pool, Maine 04006

Lighthouse: Wood Island Light



Maine Duck Tours
Ride these amphibious vehicles through Portland and into the coastal water as they pass by Portland’s Lighthouses.

177 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (207) 774-DUCK(3825)

Lighthouses: Portland Head Light, Spring Point Light, Portland Breakwater



Portland Discovery
Offers specific lighthouse cruises including the "Sunset Lighthouse Cruise", "Harbor Lights and Sights Cruise", and the "Lighthouse Lover's Tour."

Long Wharf
Portland ME
(Phone: (207) 774-0808

Lighthouses: Portland Breakwater Light, Spring Point Ledge Light, Ram Island Ledge Light, Portland Head Light, Halfway Rock Light, Eagle Island



Lucky Catch Cruises
Lobster boat cruises that show you how to haul in lobsters, and also include a "Portland Head Light Cruise."

170 Commercial St.
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: (207) 761-0941

Lighthouses: Portland Breakwater Light, Spring Point Ledge Light, Ram Island Ledge Light, Portland Head Light



Sea Escape Cottages and Charters
Fishing excursions and charters from Bailey Island. Provides charter service out to Halfway Rock Light. Sailing charters aboard the Schooner Alert and Schooner Tevake.
P.O. Box 7
Bailey Island, Maine 04003

Lighthouses: Halfway Rock Light



Boat Tours for Lighthouses
Along the Kennebec River and Boothbay Harbor

Between the Kennebec River and Pemaquid Point, the Boothbay Region with its many islands and connected waterways had lighthouses built for guiding many of its local mariners along quiet harbors, and for the increasing shipping traffic between both Bath and Rockland ports.

Seguin Island lighthouse

Seguin Island Lighthouse


Cap'n Fish's Whale Watch and Scenic Nature Cruises
Various trips include lighthouses all along the Kennebec River and Boothbay Harbor. During the summer season offers daily excursions to lighthouses taking various coastal route you can choose from. Also offers trips for whale watching and fishing.
Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
Or toll free 1-800-636-3244

Lighthouses: Seguin Island Lighthouse, Perkins Island Lighthouse, Squirrel Point Light. Doubling Point Light, Doubling Point Range Lights (Kennebec Range Lights), Pond Island Light, Cuckolds Light, Ram Island Light, Burnt Island Light, Hendricks Head Light, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.



Fish ‘N Trips
Ferry service to Seguin Island almost daily during the summer months, where you can hike up to Sequin Island Lighthouse. Also provides chartering for fishing.

P.O. Box 150
Phippsburg, ME 04562

Lighthouses: Seguin Island Lighthouse



Maine Maritime Museum
Provides frequent lighthouse tours along the Kennebec River and Boothbay Harbor, along with wildlife tours.

243 Washington Street
Bath, ME 04530
Phone: (207) 443-1316
Fax: (207) 443-1665

Lighthouses: Seguin Island Lighthouse, Perkins Island Lighthouse, Squirrel Point Light. Doubling Point Light, the Kennebec Range Lights, Pond Island Light, Cuckolds Light, Ram Island Light, Burnt Island Light, Hendricks Head Light.



River Run Tours
A different and relaxed way to view lighthouses, natural rock formations, and wildlife aboard a chartered pontoon boat.
River Run Tours, Inc.

28 Walnut Point
Woolwich, Maine 04578
(207) 504-BOAT(2628)

Lighthouses: Perkins Island Lighthouse, Squirrel Point Light, Pond Island Light, Doubling Point Light, Doubling Point Range Lights, Burnt Island Light, Ram Island Light, Squirrel Island Light, Cuckolds Lighthouse, and Hendricks Head Light



Balmy Days Cruises
Offers special lighthouse tours. You can take a 3-hour tour and hike around Burnt Island, visit inside Burnt Island lighthouse and meet the keeper, his wife, and the children who will talk to you about life at the lighthouse in 1950. You can take a trip out to Monhegan Island and visit Monhegan Island Lighthouse. Other lighthouse excursions also available, along with fishing and whale watching trips.

Pier 8
42 Commercial St.
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
(207) 633-2284 or
(800) 298-2284

Lighthouses: Burnt Island Lighthouse, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Monhegan Island Light, Squirrel Point Lighthouse



Hardy Boat Cruises
Special lighthouse cruises available over to Pemaquid Lighthouse and out to Monhegan Island to access Monhegan Island Lighthouse.
PO Box 326
New harbor, Maine 04554
(207) 677-2026

Lighthouses: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Monhegan Island Light



Friendship Sloop Sarah Mead
Sails out for around two hours from Boothbay Harbor past many of the area lighthouses on a fully authentic wooden sloop sailboat. Includes fishing and lobstering. Lighthouse sightings depend on wind that day.

Spruce Point
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Email: (Captain Nate and Chief Randy)

Lighthouses: The Cuckolds Lighthouse, Burnt Island Lighthouse, Hendricks Head Light, Ram Island Lighthouse, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Seguin Island Lighthouse




Boat Tours and Ferries for
Lighthouses in the Port Clyde Region
and Access to Monhegan Island

The lighthouses in the western Penobscot Bay area were built to protect shipping traffic containing granite from nearby quarries, and lumber and fishing industries on route along a dangerous stretch of reefs, ledges and islands. This area is also one of the foggiest on the Maine coastline, located north of the Boothbay Region with its many islands and connected waterways.

Monhegan Island lighthouse

Monhegan Island Lighthouse


Port Clyde Kayaks
Provide kayaking tours around Marshall Point Lighthouse and Muscongus Bay area.
Port Clyde, Maine
(207) 372-8100

Lighthouses: Marshall Point Lighthouse, Pemaquid Lighthouse, Tenants Harbor Lighthouse



Monhegan Boat Line
Ferry leaves out of Port Clyde to Monhegan Island daily during the summer months where you can hike up to Monhegan Island Lighthouse from the dock. They also provide a special lighthouse tour around the Port Clyde area, and provide an annual Midcoast Maine lighthouse tour.

P.O. Box 238
Port Clyde, Maine 04855
Tel: (207) 372-8848
Fax: (207) 372-8547

Lighthouses: Monegan Island, Marshall Point, Whitehead Lighthouse, Two Bush Island Light. Tenants Harbor Lighthouse



Balmy Days Cruises
Offers special lighthouse tours around Boothbay, and out to Monhegan Island.

Pier 8
42 Commercial St.
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
(207) 633-2284 or
(800) 298-2284

Lighthouses: Burnt Island Lighthouse, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Monhegan Island Light, Squirrel Point Lighthouse



Hardy Boat Cruises
In addition to wildlife and historical tours, they provide ferry services out to Monhegan Island. They provide a special birding tour out to Matinicus Rock where you can view the Matinicus Rock Light stationed on the island. They also offer a special lighthouse cruise out to Pemaquid Light and an annual Fall Coastal Cruise which may include Franklin Island Lighthouse.

PO Box 326
New harbor, Maine 04554
(207) 677-2026

Lighthouses: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Monhegan Island Light, Matinicus Rock Light, Franklin Island Light



Windjammer Cruises Out of
Rockland, Rockport, and Camden

windjamming sailing out in the open waters

Much of Maine’s windjammer fleet is situated in this region. Schooner windjammer sailing cruises mentioned below may offer many types of cruises. While most may offer specific lighthouse cruises, some may pass by lighthouses up and down the Maine coast as part of sailing charters, narrated wildlife and historic tours, and other types of excursions from Camden Harbor, Rockport, or Rockland. You’ll find most windjammer cruises come out of Camden or Rockland and will definitely pass by lighthouses. Weather is also a major factor in New England, especially on sailing excursions, as it determines that day's course. Lighthouses are not listed here due to the changing weather conditions, and all here will pass by lighthouses.



Schooner Lewis R. French
Built in 1871, this is the last schooner remaining of thousands built in Maine during the 19th century. This is Maine's oldest active schooner offering 3, 4, and 6-day sailing vacations along Maine’s coast. They have specific event cruises, fall foliage, music and birding cruises. They also have specific lighthouse cruises where visitors can view between 15 and 25 lighthouses. These cruises include anchoring near several island lighthouses, and allowing guests to have the chance to hike to some of these beacons. Those that attend this trip will also get tickets to the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. Designated as a National Historic Landmark.

P.O. Box 992, Camden ME 04843
Phone: 1-800-469-4635



Schooner Heron
Thie 65-foot schooner provides 3 trips each day out of Rockport Harbor including Indian Island Light and Eco Tour, Island Sail and Lunch, and a Sunset Dinner Sail.

111 Pascal Avenue, Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: (207) 236-8605



Schooner Angelique
Schooner Angelique offers weekly wildlife, Brews, wine, wellness, and photography cruises. Offers lighthouse cruises in July and August, and has cruises that explore the Acadia region.

P.O. Box 736
Camden, Maine 04843-0736
Phone: (800) 282-9989



Schooner J. & E. Riggin
Built in 1927, this 120-foot two-masted schooner has Kids, Knitting, Maine Food, and Music overnight cruises. It also has special 3 and 4 day “Lighthouses and Lobsters” cruises.

136 Holmes Street, Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (800) 869-0604



Schooner American Eagle
Sails on cruises of varying lengths, from two to nine days as lighthouses, wildlife, and unspoiled scenery are part of every trip. Sails on a variety of events cruises.

P.O. Box 482, 11 Front Street, Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (207) 594-8007 or (800) 648-4544



Schooner Stephen Taber and Schooner Bowditch
Classic 140-year old schooner sails on one and multiple day cruises which include a “Lighthouse and Photography Cruise” featuring photography instruction with a local artist.  There are also wine, music, captain’s choice, and gourmet cruises, along with events cruises.

Windjammer Wharf
P.O. Box 1050, Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (207) 594-4723 or (800) 999-7352



Maine Windjammer Cruises
Many windjammer cruises to suit any tourist’s needs in operation since 1936.  Completely restored 19th century schooners 123-foot Grace Bailey and the 115 foot Mercentile to carry up to 29 passengers. They also have the Mistress as a more private vessel to carry up to 6 passengers for a unique private ride. Weekly and weekend cruises along the Maine coast and Penobscot Bay.

P.O. Box 617 Camden, ME 04843
Phone: (207) 236-2938 or (800) 736-7981


Schooner Olad
The schooner Olad is a completely restored, classic yacht built in 1927. Provides daily 2-hour, half day, full day sails, and sunset sails, along with various event sails. They also have the sailing vessel Owl for special charters.

P.O. Box 432 Camden, ME 04843
Phone: (207) 236-2323



Schooner Mary Day 
Tours include 4-day lighthouse cruises, Natural History, Maine Coast Beers, anso environmental education, and various events cruises. Has heat in every cabin.

10 Atlantic Ave, P.O. Box 798, Camden, ME 04843
Phone: (800) 992-2218



Schooner Surprise
This small 57-foot racing schooner built in 1918, offers two-hour windjammer cruises around Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay. Provides sunset sails, wine tasting, and full moon sails.

P.O. Box H, Camden, ME 04843
Phone: 207-236-4687


Schooner Appledore
This wooden 86-foot schooner cruises out of Camden into Penobscot Bay at least three times a day, seven days a week. Sails include wildlife, sunset, and local lighthouses.

3 Lily Pond Drive, Camden, ME 04843
Phone: (207) 236-8353


Schooner Heritage
The 145-foot Heritage is the newest coasting schooner carrying passengers comfortably along the Maine coast. Other than participating in special festivals and events, they, offer 3-day to 6-day sails without a specific itinerary, providing lots of room to explore and make each sail special. Both captains are maritime historians.

P.O. Box 482, 5 Achorn Street, Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (207) 594-8007 or (800) 648-4544



Schooner Victory Chimes
This vessel is the only original three-masted schooner in the famed Maine Windjammer fleet. She was also featured on the US mint quarter with Pemaquid Light. Participates in various events, and has special 3 and 4-day sails including the Lighthouse Parade, Maine Humor, and Irish Music cruises.

P.O. Box 1401, Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (800) 745-5651



Lighthouse Boat Tours
Out of Rockland, Rockport, and Camden

Lighthouses established in the Rockland and Camden areas were used to guide many fishing vessels and traffic from the mining of lime for construction in nearby Rockland and Thomaston between numerous dangerous rocky ledges and shoreline. Other industries, in addition to fishing, involved granite quarrying, steamship transportation, and ice harvesting making Rockland Harbor as one of the busiest places on the Maine coast.

Curtis Island Lighthouse

Curtis Island Lighthouse



Camden Harbor Cruises
Provides 1-hour Lighthouse Lobster Tour from Camden, and a 3-hour Sunday Lighthouse Cruise aboard a classic wooden motor vessel, the Lively Lady. They also provide trips out to Islesboro Island on Sunday afternoons, to explore Grindle Point Light and the Sailor's Museum next door.

16 Camden Public Landing,
Box 1315, Camden, ME 04843
Phone: (207) 236-6672

Lighthouses: Curtis Island, Indian Island, Owls Head, Browns Head, Rockland Breakwater, Grindle Point



Inland Local Lighthouse Tour
On Lake Cobbosseecontee

This is the only inland lighthouse in Maine on Lake Cobbosseecontee. You'd have to break away from the coastline, but the area is scenic and restful.

Ladies Delight Lighthouse

Ladies Delight Lighthouse


Cobbosseecontee Yacht Club
Provides lighthouse tours sometimes on request. Sponsors a lighthouse regatta and other events that promote preservation and education of Lake Cobbosseecontee.
P.O. Box 17
Manchester, ME 04351

Lighthouse: Ladies Delight Light



Boat Tours of Lighthouses
in Northern Penobscot Bay
and Maine's Island Regions

Penobscot Bay is Maine's largest coastal waterway. Approximately 30 miles long by 30 miles wide, it contains the major islands of Vinalhaven, North Haven, Islesboro, Deer Isle, and Isle au Haut. These five large islands and numerous smaller ones provide protection from the open sea. A series of lighthouses were built to protect the increasing shipping traffic among these islands, and on some dangerous ledges in between, including the famous Matinicus Rock which is usually shrouded in fog and is situated about 25 miles from Rockland, Maine.

Grindle Point lighthouse

Grindle Point Lighthouse

Matinicus Excursions
Specializing in chartered lighthouse trips, and special trips around Matinicus Rock, involving bird watching, seals, and other marine life. You can get great views of Matinicus Rock Light from the boat as well, depending on the cooperation of the weather. The boat is customized for comfort for visitors and also can be chartered as a water taxi from the mainland at Rockland, to Matinicus Island, and to Matinicus Rock Light, five miles away from Matinicus Island.

PO Box 195
Matinicus, Maine 04851
Phone: (207) 691-9030

Lighthouses:Owl’s Head Lighthouse, Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, Rockland Harbor Lighthouse, Matinicus Rock Lighthouse



Maine State Ferry Service
Ferry to Matinicus Island, Vinalhaven, Northhaven, and Islesboro. From Vinalhaven Island you can drive or hike to Brown's Head Lighthouse and may see distant views of other lighthouses. At Islesboro Island Grindle Point Light is right by the dock. Where the ferry service leaves out of Rockland Harbor, visitors can get good views of Owl's Head Lighthouse, and Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. From Matinicus Island, you can get a charter from Matinicus Excursions mentioned above to get out to Matinicus Rock Lighthouse five miles away.

P.O. Box 645
517A Main Street
Rockland, Maine 04841-0645
Phone:. (207) 596-2202

Ferry from Lincolnville to Islesboro
P.O. Box 214
Lincolnville, Maine 04849-0214
Phone: (207) 789-5611

Islesboro Terminal
Islesboro, Maine 04848-0011
Phone: (207) 734-6935

Ferry from Lincolnville to Islesboro
Takes you right to the dock where the Grindle Point Lighthouse is right next door.
P.O. Box 214
Lincolnville, Maine 04849-0214
Phone:. (207) 789-5611

Lighthouses to Access on the Islands: Grindle Point Light, Brown's Head Light



Isle au Haut Boat Company
Daily trips to Isle au Haut where you can hang out near the Isle au Haut lighthouse or hike. They also provide puffin and nature cruises. One a year, during lighthouse open house weekend in September, they provide two tours to ten lighthouses, weather permitting.

Sea Breeze Avenue
P.O. Box 709
Stonington, Maine 04681
Phone: (207) 367-6516
Fax: (207) 367-6503

Lighthouse: Isle au Haut Lighthouse



Eagle Island Mail Boat
Passes close by the Eagle Island Lighthouse

Sunset Bay Company
Eagle Island
Sunset, ME, 04683.
Phone: (207) 348-9316

Lighthouses: Eagle Island Lighthouse


Boat Tours and Ferries
for Lighthouses Along
Maine’s Acadia Region

Mount Desert Island became an international tourist attraction in the nineteenth century as a main component of the Acadia National Park system. To accommodate the influx of international and American tourists from the sea, a series of lighthouses were built on and around Mount Desert Island. There are many islands in this area, and lighthouses were stationed on some to guide mariners through the Blue Hill and Frenchman Bays, and Somes Sound.

Bear Island lighthouse

Bear Island Lighthouse



Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company
In addiition to whale watching, nature, and fishing excusions, they provide three cruises that involve lighthouses. A Puffin and Lighthouse cruise, a park ranger tour that includes exploring Baker Island lighthouse, and a Somes Sound and Lighthouse Tour.
1 West Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
Phone: (207) 288-2386 or 1-888-WHALES-4

Lighthouses Egg Rock Light, Winter Harbor Light, Baker Island Light, Petit Manan Light, and Bear Island Light.



Acadian Boat Tours
Acadian Boat Tours, out of Bar Harbor, uses four boats and offers various nature, puffin, and fishing cruises, along with 3 special lighthouse tours each week, and National Park tour that explores Baker Island lighthouse.
119 Eden St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Phone (207) 801-2300

Lighthouses: Egg Rock Light, Bear Island Light, Baker Island Light, Petit Manan Light, Winter Harbor Light



The Swan’s Island Ferry
Operated by the Maine State Maine Ferry Service takes visitors out to Swna's Island where they can drive or hike to Burnt Coat Harbor Light.

(207) 624-7777
(800) 491-4883
(207) 244-3254

Lighthouses: Bass Harbor Light, Burnt Coat Harbor Light



Island Cruises
Narrated harbor cruise that passes by Bass Harbor Lighthouse.
Little Island Way
Bass Harbor, Maine
Phone: (207) 244-5785

Lighthouse: Bass Harbor Light



Bar Harbor Ferry
Tours along Mount Desert Island from Bar Harbor to Schoodic / Winter harbor. Also access to Little Cranberry Island and Southwest Harbor.

PO Box 28
Cherryfield, ME 04622
Phone: (207) 288-2984 or (207) 546-2927

Lighthouse: Egg Rock Light



Islesford Ferry
Passes Bear Island Light from Northeast Harbor.
Box 451 RFD 2
Ellsworth ME 04605
Phone (207) 276-3717 or (207) 422-6815

Lighthouses: Bear Island Light, Baker Island Light



Schooner Margaret Todd
Two-hour windjammer cruise from Bar Harbor passes by the lighthouse.
Downeast Windjammer Cruises
P.O. Box 28 
Cherryfield, Maine 04622
Summer Phone: (207) 288-4585 or (207) 288-2373
Winter Phone: 207-546-292

Lighthouses: Egg Rock Light



Boat Tours of Lighthouses in Northern Maine

With the area flourishing with shipbuilding, passenger steamships, lumbering, fishing and granite quarrying, lighthouses were needed to guide mariners around Maine’s many islands and ledges along the coast of northern, or what is referred to as “Downeast” Maine. This area of many miles of rugged coastline from the Acadia region up to the Canadian border area caused many shipwrecks during fierce New England storms, and due to the many foggy days that encased the area an average of 20 percent of the year.

Moose Peak Lighthouse

Moose Peak Lighthouse



Robertson Sea Tours
Lighthouse cruises and nature trips along the shores of downeast Maine and Schoodic Peninsula area aboard a classic downeast lobster boat. Special 4-hour lighthouse cruise covers Narraguagus (Pond Island) Light, Nash Island Light, and Petit Manan Light, along with natural wonders and hauling up a lobster trap.
Contact: Captain Jamie Robertson
Home Phone: (207) 483-6110 o,r Cell: (207) 461-7439

Lighthouses: Pond Island Light, Nash Island Light, Petit Manan Light



Coastal Cruises
Lighthouse and nature cruises offered to Moose Peak Light and Libby Island Light where, depending on tides, weather, and availability, you may be able to get off the boat and walk up to the lighthouses. They can also be viewed from the boat as well.

117 Kelley Point Road
Jonesport, ME 04649
Cruise Info Contact
Laura Fish: (207) 598-7473
Dive Info Contact
Harry Fish: (207) 598-7473

Lighthouses: Moose Peak Light, Libby Island Light, wreckage of Crabtree Ledge lighthouse.



Bold Coast Charter Company
Puffin trips heading to Machias Seal Island pass by Little River lighthouse. Special tours available for boat trips to land on the island of Little River light. If requested, possible arrangements can be made to tour the interior of the lighthouse and the keeper's home. Charter trips also available to Libby Island Light and at times, visitors may be able to access the island and walk up to the light. Note: As the puffins are an endangered species, the trip to Machias Seal Island where they are nesting (also where Machias Seal Island lighthouse is located) is the only place allowed for visitors to view and photograph these animals up close inside small shacks called blinds.

Contact: Captain Andrew Patterson
P. O. Box 364
Cutler, Maine 04626
Phone: (207) 259-4484

Lighthouses: Little River Light, Libby Island Light, Machias Seal Island Light (Canada)




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