Driving and Hiking Directions to
New Hampshire and Vermont Lighthouses

Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse in New Hampshire

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

There is one lighthouse in New Hampshire and a few in Vermont that lighthouse hunters can drive or hike to. Links are provided to each lighthouse page for detailed information on that lighthouse, and local attractions near each beacon.


Drive or Hike to This
New Hampshire

Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse

Portsmouth Harbor Light, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Take Exit 5 from Route 95 to Route 1 South. Take left on Elwyn Street, left on Sagamore Street, right on Wentworth Street (Route 1B) to Coast Guard Station to light.



Drive or Hike to These

Colchester Reef light at the Shelburne Museum

Colchester Reef Lighthouse, Shelburne, Vermont

The Shelburne Museum, is an outdoor museum where visitors can walk around and tour inside the 37 structures on the grounds. Each building or structure has been painstakingly disassembled, labeled, and then precisely reconstructed to their original states. One of these you'll find is Colchester Reef Lighthouse as one of the main attractions.
  • From Burlington take Route 7 South for 7 miles to Shelburne center.
  • From the center, continue on Route 7 one more mile and you’ll see the Shelburne Museum on the right. You can also see the lighthouse from the road.
  • To view the original lighthouse foundation on Colchester Reef, from Burlington follow Route 127 to the town of Colchester.
  • Turn onto Porter's Point Road, then turn left at the four-way intersection onto Airport Road. This road then turns into Colchester Point Road.
  • From Colchester Point Road, follow as it becomes Mills Point Road, then park at Causeway Park.
  • As you walk out to the causeway you can see the old foundation of the Colchester Reef Lighthouse.

    Burlington Breakwater lighthouse

    Burlington Breakwater Lighthouses, Burlington, Vermont
    Either of the two breakwater lighthouse, Burlington North light or Burlington South light, can best be seen by boat, although you can also view these lighthouses from the shoreline without much difficulty.

    Burlington Breakwater South lighthouse

    Burlington South Light


    Isle La Motte Lighthouse, Isle La Motte, Vermont
    The lighthouse is best viewed by boat, as it is a private residence where the grounds and tower are closed to the public, and the road may be blocked from visitors. To view the lighthouse from a distance:


    Windmill Point Lighthouse, Alburg, Vermont
    The lighthouse is a private protected residence and is still best viewed by boat. Distant views of the lighthouse can be seen from the New York shoreline near Rouses Point.


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    Lighthouses and Coastal Attractions of Northern New England: New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, provides human interest stories from each of the 76 lighthouses, along with the coastal attractions and tours near each beacon, and contact info to plan your special trips. You'll find over 360 images inside as well.

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