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Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse
(Fayerweather Island Light)

black rock harbor lighthouse

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Built in 1808



The lighthouse is at the southeast end of Fayerweather Island, connected by a mile long jetty from Seaside Park. Public access is allowed for a park fee.

Latitude: 41° 08' 32" N
Longitude: 73° 13' 12" W


Historic Stories:

Black Rock Harbor is sheltered by Fayerweather Island, which made the island an ideal place for a lighthouse to mark the harbor entrance in 1808.

The first Keeper, John Maltbie was only at the lighthouse for five months until his death at the station.

The lighthouse was destroyed in the 1821 hurricane, and replaced in 1823. The 47-foot stone tower has since survived for over 180 years.

early image black rock light
1823 Construction
Image Taken 1894
Courtesy US Coast Guard

Keeper Family with Great Genes

The lighthouse was tended predominantly by two generations of the Moore family for over 70 years. Catherine Moore, daughter of Keeper Stephen Moore, took over full duties of the lighthouse when her father became disabled in 1819. Her father still remained as keeper for over 50 years until 1871, as Catherine remained as his assistant and tended to most of the lighthouse duties until his death at the age of 100.

Catherine Moore was appointed keeper to secede her father when she was 66 years old, and remained at the station for an additional 7 years until 1878. She is credited with saving 21 lives, and lived to be 95 years old.

For more details on this story, select the link "Moore Family Keepers" Blog above to be directed to my Lighthouse Stories section.

sailboat by Black Rock Harbor light



In 1998, two Bridgeport natives, David Grant Grimshaw and Patricia Roche, restored the tower to its original condition with their fundraising efforts.



Places to Visit:

The city of Bridgeport offers plenty of diverse cultural events and rich history. The Barnum Museum is home of the world-famous circus impresario of the 19th century, PT Barnum. Visitors can also find the graves of P. T. (Phineas Taylor) Barnum, famous circus owner, and his famous circus performer, Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton) in Mountain Grove Cemetery. P.T. Barnum designed the cemetery for Bridgeport natives, himself, and Tom Thumb. He had Tom Thumb’s life size statue of 25 inches placed on a 40-foot granite obelisk.

Bridgeport provides visitors with a new sports and entertainment complex called the Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard, with events happening year round, and the Shoreline Star, which provides greyhound and horse racing. The Downtown Cabaret Theater offers plenty of musical and theater events for all ages all year round. You can also bring your own food creations and have an indoor picnic as you enjoy the show.

The Beardsley Zoo offers fun for children and adults alike.

Captain’s Cove Seaport is a complex of buildings that includes an amusement center, a 400-seat restaurant, lots of specialty shops resembling a typical seaport village, and it promotes music festivals and events.

Black Rock Harbor (Fayerweather Island) Light is connected by a mile-long breakwater from inside Seaside Park. mile-long jetty to Black Rock Harbor light
hiking along jetty to Black Rock Harbor light The hike is a great experience and along flat land, and will bring you right to the lighthouse tower.

The parking fees to stay at the beach are a bit steep but the beach area is quite nice. It provides scenic views of the area with the beach area and park well maintained.

Nice views of the lighthouse can also be found by boat

Sun illuminating tower of Black Rock Harbor (Fayerweather Island) light


Driving Directions


Contact Info:
City of Bridgeport
Fayerweather Island Restoration Fund
c/o Burroughs Community Center
2470 Fairfield Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06605
(203) 334-0293


Sun breaking through clouds at Black Rock Harbor light


Local Boat Tour

Possibly due to the pandemic, some lighthouse tours that were originally offered in the Bridgeport region now remain unavailable. However, this will be updated should any lighthouse tours become available. 

You should be able to view Black Rock Harbor Light from the water from various fishing charters and excursions offered by some local mariners that pass the lighthouse as they leave the harbor.


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