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Rockland Harbor
Southwest Lighthouse

Rockland Harbor Southwest light

Owls Head, Maine
Built in 1987



Southeast entrance to Rockland harbor. Located at the end of Sherman's Lane, off North Shore Drive (the road to Owl's Head) on the south side of Rockland. Site and tower closed (private residence).

Latitude: 44° 60' 00" N
Longitude: 69° 50' 00" W


Historic Stories:

One of the newest lighthouses added to the Maine Coast Guard list and the only lighthouse in New England that has been privately built.

Lighthouse enthusiast Bruce Woolet, with the help of the Maine Lighthouse Museum (formally the Shore Village Museum) in Rockland for accuracy, built Rockland Harbor Southwest in 1985. Rockland Harbor Southwest tower

In 1987, Woolet obtained the license to have the lighthouse become an official Coast Guard lighthouse. The Coast Guard accepted the lighthouse as a privately maintained aid to navigation. It was sold in 1998 to the new owner, John Gazzola, who continued to renovate the building.


Places to Visit:

You can find this lighthouse on the way to Owls Head Light, which is also off Route 73. Be wary Rockland Harbor light is a private residence, and is not open to the public.

Enjoy picnicking at Owls Head Light State Park, and walk along some of the trails along the cliffs and shoreline, and you can walk up to Owl’s Head Light as well.

The Owls Head Lighthouse is situated atop spectacular cliffs with wonderful views of Rockland Harbor and the coastline, and is easily accessed by a stairway. Owls Head lighthouse with stairway after snowstorm

Enjoy Owls Head Harbor on the way to Owls Head Light and watch this little fishing region work.

fishing boats moored after snowsotrm in Owls Head Harbor

Boats Moored in Owls Head
Harbor After Snow Storm

Due to its enclosed location, the harbor rarely freezes over, and you will find boats moored in the harbor year round.

Take time to visit the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, one of the most famous lighthouse museums in the world.

Take the Maine State Ferry out of Rockland Harbor to explore the surrounding islands at Vinalhaven.




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