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Hyannis Harbor
(Lewis Bay) Lighthouse

Hyannis Harbor lighthouse

Hyannis, Massachusetts
Built in 1849


Located on the shore near the entrance to Hyannis Harbor. Privately Owned.

Latitude: 41° 38' 10" N
Longitude: 70° 17' 19" W


Historic Stories:

As Hyannis was becoming a busy fishing port, the demand for a lighthouse was needed to guide mariners around the treacherous waters located southeast of Hyannis Harbor.

The first light was displayed as a lamp hung in a window of a shack for a number of years by Daniel Hallett before a lighthouse was built in which he was appointed as Keeper in 1849. This only lasted for a couple of years since he was replaced for political reasons, which occurred quite frequently in those days.

From 1871 to 1899 John Lothrop and his son Alonzo Lothrop tended the light spanning nearly three decades of family service.


For a number of years in the late 1800’s, Hyannis Harbor Light became a rear range light to a simple front range light built on the Old Colony Railroad wharf, which was a lamp, hoisted on a 20-foot tower. early image Hyannis Harbor front range light

Hyannis Harbor Front Range.
Courtesy US Coast Guard.

Captain John Peak, former commander of a lighthouse tender and part of a family dynasty of local keepers at Point Gammon, and Bishop and Clerks Lights, assumed Alonzo’s post at Hyannis Harbor Light until 1915, when failing health forced his retirement. During Peak’s time at Hyannis, local kids would come to the lighthouse for sailing lessons and help polish brass and other chores.

The lighthouse is listed as Lewis Bay Lighthouse, but is commonly referred to nowadays as Hyannis Harbor Light.

Hyannis Harbopr (Lewis Bay) light tower



Places to Visit Nearby:

Hyannis is considered as the cultural epicenter of Cape Cod with plenty of recreational activities and atttactions. Ferries also leave out of the harbor to the islands Hyannis Harbor light guides ferries

Along with surrounding towns the area provides a large selection of cultural events and festivals, plenty of nightlife and music, museums, and miles of beaches in the area, like Craigville Beach. You can also go whale watching from Barnstable, just north of Hyannis

There are a variety of museums to explore like the Maritime Museumthe John F. Kennedy Museum, the Toad Hall Classic Sports Car Museum, various art museums like the Cahoon Museum of American Art, or visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens, in nearby Sandwich.

The Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra performs in Cape Cod's Barnstable Performing Arts Center, Cape Cod's premiere concert hall in Hyannis.

For something a little different, visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory and sample the end results, or buy tickets at The Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, which offers plenty of music and theater acts during the summer season.




Local Boat Tours and Ferries For Visitors

Boat cruises and ferries mentioned below may offer many types of cruises. Those mentioned below pass by Hyannis Harbor Lighthouse regularly on their cruises, tours, and charters. Enjoy!


Hy-Line Cruises
Offers a Hyannis Harbor cruise that provides close views of Hyannis Harbor Light and the Kennedy Compound for tourists.
220 Ocean St
Hyannis, Mass. 02601
(800) 492-8082

Bay Spirit Tours
Sailing cruises includes Hyannis Harbor lighthouse cruise, sunset cruises, and special charter cruises that include Point Gammon light and Hyannis Harbor light.
180 Ocean Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone: 508-771-0107

Lighthouses: Hyannis Harbor lighthouse, Point Gammon lighthouse


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